Laganini j.d.o.o.
July 10, 2023


Laganini is a website for a company that provides cleaning services for apartments, houses and offices. The goal of the project was to present the company and its services to potential clients, and to enable online booking and inquiry for the price.

I used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create the page. The page is responsive and adapted for different devices and screen sizes

I tested and optimized the page using various tools and methods. I used Google PageSpeed Insights to measure the loading speed of the page and get tips for improving performance. I used SSL certificate to ensure a secure connection between the page and the visitors and W3C validator to check the validity of code then I used WebAIM Wave to check the accessibility of the page for people with disabilities.

The biggest challenge of the project was buying and setting up a domain and hosting for the page, because it was my first time doing that for a real client. I solved that challenge by informing myself about different options and comparing prices and quality of service. I chose a reliable and affordable provider of domain and hosting, and followed the instructions for registration and connection of domain with hosting.

The results of the project were very positive, because the page attracted a lot of new clients for the company. Analysis showed that most of the offers came through the web page, which means that the page successfully advertised the company and its services. The client was satisfied with the design, functionality and effect of the page on his business.

This project was one of my first bigger web pages that I created for a real client. Since then, I have improved my knowledge and skills in web development, and learned how to use more advanced technologies and tools to create better web pages.

  • Web design and development
  • Responsive web design
  • Web security and SSL certificate
  • Domain and hosting registration and setup
  • Web accessibility